Q: Do you use or have any recommendations regarding the use of mattress covers?

December 14, 2004

Bonnie Rosenthal, RN

Infection Control Practitioner

Summit Hospital

Baton Rouge , LA  

Ph. (225) 755-4938


A1:   We do not use mattress covers.

Dixie Fontenot 

[email protected]


Yes, we do

Janet Broussard, RN

Infection Control / Employee Health Coord

Women's & Children's Hospital

Lafayette , LA 70508

(337) 521-9100 ext 5306



Does anyone have an opinion about the disinfection and reuse of Gaymar pressure reducing mattress overlays?  They are made of heavy duty vinyl, however, they are listed as a single use item. 

Bonnie Rosenthal, RN

Infection Control / Employee Health Summit Hospital

17000 Medical Center Drive , Baton Rouge , LA 70816

 225-755-4938 (phone)

 225-755-4974 (fax)



Q: In post partum rooms, do you still use red bags?  Has anyone had an OSHA ruling on it? 

December 23, 2004

Jo P Blankenship, R.Ph.

Beauregard Memorial Hospital

600 South Pine Street

DeRidder, LA  70634


A1: We still use red bags in postpartum and no we have never had a ruling on this.


 [email protected]

A2: Went to Dr. Rutala's presentation in Dallas last month. He recommeded using the antimicrobial wipes. Had information on effectiveness and also safety with computer equipment. (He did the same presentation in New Orleans the day before the Dallas workshop.)

Barbara A.V. McGuyer, BSN, CIC
Infection Control Practitioner
Lafayette General Medical Center
1214 Coolidge Street
Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone (337) 289-7485
Fax (337) 289-7710
Email: [email protected]


Would send this question out to the group?  Does anyone have a policy for cleaning computers and keyboards, especially the ones that roll into patient rooms?

October 20, 2004

Geri Palermo, RN, BSN, CIC
Infection Control Manager
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Baton Rouge, LA  70808
Ph.(225)765-8269  Fax:(225)765-5212
[email protected]


Q:Storing Clean Linens

Where does the state stand on the issue of storing clean items in the dirty utility?  It is my understanding that EVS should not store clean paper towels and toilet paper in the cabinets in the dirty utility room.  Here at OLOL it is a common practice.  I tied all of the cabinets shut.  EVS cut all of the ties and restocked the area.  Your comments would be welcome.  Thanks a bunch!!

Ginger Linscomb  

Q: Handling Liquid Waste

Date: 8/10/04

How are ya'll handling solidifying liquid waste from JP drains, Hemovacs, Pleurevacs, etc.?  Do you add solidifier to each item or to the red bag?  Also, what about sharps boxes in the lab with blood tubes or bags of urine containers?  Also, which employees are responsible - nursing or housekeeping?  Any help is appreciated.


Geri Palermo, RN, BSN, CIC
Infection Control Manager
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Baton Rouge, LA  70808
Ph.(225)765-8269  Fax:(225)765-5212
[email protected]


SemperCare uses Premisorb.  It is available on the floor.  The nurses add it to the fluids prior to discarding.  Our EVS is contract from the Lake and they are not involved at this point. 

Q: Employee Health

Date: August 5, 2004

We often get requests from new employees for a copy of their physical. This is not just their labs, which we have always given without question, but the full physical. The reason given for the request is usually that it is needed for school but sometimes for another job application.

Would you share your thoughts on this practice? Are employees entitled to a copy of the physical? If so should there be a charge?

Thanks for your input,
[email protected]


I usually just give them the lab and PPD results.  Being a state facility, it is too much of a hassle to charge them for the copying, since I keep the employee health files in  my office, not in medical records.  I have made copies of the exam in a couple incidences, but have not had that come up very often.......Rhonda, Moss Regional Hospital, Lake Charles, La.


From a risk management standpoint, I do not know why a company would accept a physical that was done at another time by another company. Too many differing factors come into play. Off the top of my head, I imagine it is less costly to accept an earlier physical but I would question the practice.

I will copy information for respiratory mask fit testing (within current year), proof of Hep vaccine if we gave it, and proof of current PPD. Any other information is for the hiring party to obtain utilizing their vendors.
Ginger Linscomb

Q: Policy and Procedures for Collecting Blood Cultures

Date - February 4, 2004

Do you have a policy for procedures for Blood cultures?  Such as two draws, separate sites, etc. If so, where is the documenting information?  References? I have MS Word and Word Perfect if someone wants to send their policy. 

Jo Blankenship

Beauregard Memorial Hospital

DeRidder, La.

[email protected]

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