Q: Epidurals through a new tattoo

Has anyone any answers on this poser? Can we give epidurals through a new tattoo?Thanks for any input.
Heather Cole, RN
Infection Control/Employee Health
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A:Response #1: I spoke with a CRNA yesterday and she stated that they give epidurals through tattoos all the time. I would think that if there is no redness or other signs of infection that it would be okay to give the epidural.

Sheila Reagan, RN, BSN, CIC
Infection Control Coordinator
Woman's Hospital
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Q: QuestionDate: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 9:57 AM
Subject: IV Flush Bags

I would like to ask the Regional list about IV flush bags. We currently use a 500 cc NS bag which has been spiked with the Clave Positive pressure bag spike. This will not allow anything to go into the bag. We use a new syringe each time and change out the bag every 72 hrs. What are other hospitals using? I realize that JCAHO has suggested, in their recent (Jan 22nd) sentinel Event Alert, that hospitals with infection control sentinel events had put certain strategies in place to prevent recurrences, one being switching to the use of single-use IV flush vials. I don't see this as a requirement yet, but as a means to prevent future infections. I'm wonder what the thoughts of the group are.

Jo Blankenship
[email protected]
Beauregard Memorial Hospital


A: Response # 1:

At Christus/St. Patrick Hospital we do not use flush bags. For a brief period of time I allowed the use of the clave flush bag valve in ICU only. The reason I allowed it in ICU only is because I could count on the manager/staff to change the flush bag every 24 hours. In other areas including ER I could not count on the bag being changed per policy.We used 24 hours because the only quideline available says to change IV solutions every 24 hours. The new IV therapy quideline from CDC states you can change flush bags for arterial lines with tubings every 96
hours and one could possibly justify 72 hours on that. The bacteremias from flush bags were with bags without a one way valve and involved bags hanging more than 24 hours.

Carol H. Spence
Infection Control/Associate Health Coordinator
Christus/St. Patrick Hospital
Lake Charles, La.
Office 337-491-7192

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