•  The January 16 th meeting was held at Landry's in Henderson, Louisiana beginning at 11:00 with 20 members, including visitors.


•  Larissa Stout from 3M hosted the vendor presentation and discussed the CDC Hand-Hygiene Guidelines and the use of waterless hand sanitizer and improve adherence with hand hygiene among healthcare workers.

•  Hand hygiene is currently about 40% with lack of knowledge being sited as the reason for low compliance.

•  It has been recommended that healthcare workers be educated on the mportance of hand hygiene and when hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizing with waterless hand product is practiced.

•  The use of waterless hand product is also being recommended for surgical antisepsis, but the product must provide persistent activity to be considered. The 3M Surgical Hand product is the only product currently approved by the FDA.

•  A warning was provided concerning hand lotions and their compatibility with CHG and problems encountered with “topping-off”.

•  A Hand Hygiene video has been developed by 3M in association with APIC, is available at a cost of $250.


•  Sheila Reagan welcomed members, new members and guests to the meeting.

•  No members were recognized for certification at the meeting.


•  The Office of Public Health is hosting an in-service in February targeted at healthcare workers that provide care for women and children with HIV. If you are interested in attending, contact the Office of Public Health at 504-568-5005.

Treasurer's Report

•  Becky McNeese provided a Treasurer's report, and transferred her responsibilities to Kitty Bull, the chapter Treasurer for 2004.

Legislative Report

•  Attention was given to the Legislative Report and the new requirement by OSHA for annual fit testing.

•  APIC National is opposing this new requirement due to lack of scientific evidence to support the need for annual fit testing.



•  Until this issue is resolved or remains a mandate, facilities have approximately six months to comply with fit-testing of all applicable employees and then continuing with annual fit-testing.

•  Members are reminded to check supplies to ensure adequate masks for fit testing and use in isolation rooms.



•  Members are reminded to update their personal information on the APIC website as soon as possible and whenever their information is changed

•  The National website can be accessed at

APIC members Members will need their APIC number and a password to access their information and make the necessary changes.


•  The annual Roundtable Discussion conducted using questions from our member survey results.

•  Members met in three groups to discuss questions and provided responses that will be shared with all chapter members.

•  The responses to the questions are provided by clicking on this

link  Round Table Discussion

•  How is your facility handling sentinel events and root-cause analysis as they relate to infection related deaths?

•  What are your strategies for educating staff on infection control topics?

•  How is your facility addressing SARS? Are you following all current CDC guidelines? Are you fit testing all employees and how?

•  How do you monitor hand hygiene compliance?

•  As a busy ICP with many hats to wear, how do you prioritize your jobs? What do you monitor relating to surveillance?

•  What are you doing about the increase in MRSA?



•  March 19 - meeting will be held at Landry's in Henderson. Our own Julie Savoy, a former ICP, chapter member, and now a practicing attorney will be providing information relating to legal issues and infection control. This presentation promises to be educational, informative and fun.

•  May 21 - meeting will be moved to Lake Charles. Carol Spence will provide the details of the meeting place and speaker at a later date.

•  July 16 - Retreat meeting location and topics will remain the same.

•  September 17 - meeting will be held in Baton Rouge with Dr. Kenny Cole presenting information on recommended antibiotic treatments for infections. The location will be announced at a later date.

•  November 19 - meeting will be held at Landry's in Henderson or Fazio's with the annual presentation from the Office of Public Health.

•  December 10 - annual end-of-year Board meeting will be held at Landry's in Henderson.



•  Due to speaker availability, the Board agreed to make changes in the 2004 meeting schedule. Please see information in this newsletter.

•  In an effort to raise money for our chapter and to support the vendors in our region, the Board has agreed to allow a vendor to sponsor our chapter meeting.

•  Please contact Sheila Reagan as soon as possible with the information on the vendor

•  Please remind the vendor of the 15-minute time limit – it is vital the vendor adhere to this constraint to ensure we keep our meeting time to a minimum.






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