A Bug in Your Ear

 December 2004   

News for APIC River Region Chapter Members    




•  The November 19 th meeting was held at Landry's in Henderson, beginning at 11:00 a.m. with 22 members and 8 visitors.

  Sheila Reagan welcomed members, new members and guests to the meeting.

•  No members were recognized for first-time certification.

•  The Treasurer's report was presented and a copy is available upon request.



•  Kristie Palermo with Regent Medical hosted the vendor presentation. Ms. Palermo presented information on Biogel, a new surgical glove designed to help reduce latex allergy by removing powder from loves. Also included in the presentation was a reference to the citywide task force formed in Lake Charles to address latex allergies and ways for healthcare communities to prevent latex related problems. If you are interested in more information, you can contact Ms. Palermo at 1-800-805-0585 X 7841.



•  Chapter officers for 2005 were selected and announced.


President:                     Dixie Fontenot      

 President-elect:          Sissy Horn

Secretary:                     Connie DeLeo      

Treasurer:                    Kitty Bull

Legislative Affairs:     Carol Spence

 Membership:                Geri Palermo

Bylaws:                           Janet Broussard

Board Members:

            Andy Halliburton

            Bonnie Rosenthal

            Sheila Reagan (past president)

•  A chapter officers list with contact information will be available on the chapter website. If you cannot access the website, please contact Connie DeLeo for a copy of the listing.

•  Congratulations and many thanks for your support for our chapter.


•  Nathan Weed with the Office of Public Health provided the annual report.

•  The OPH is developing a new reporting system, the STC that will streamline the process for reporting of reportable diseases and will include additional support for access to Public Health information.

•  Infectious Diseases in Louisiana

•  Know Your ABC's Infectious Disease Manual

•  Handouts for public distribution

•  An active surveillance system, the EASE (Electronic Active Surveillance Enterprise) is also being developed for reporting of influenza and emerging pathogens.

•  Nathan provided summary data for influenza, antibiotic resistance, and other reportable diseases and conditions.



•  Kitty Bull provided a very enlightening performance improvement presentation, Cleaning and Disinfecting of Special Care Equipment.




•  Our annual retreat was held to provide members with information from the 2004 International Educational Conference.

•  Presenters and presentations included:

•  Sheila Reagan – National APIC business meeting report.

•  Geri Palermo – “Spot that Spot”: Rashes. Geri's presentation provided audience feedback to differentiate rashes.

•  Cecile Broussard – Conducting a Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).

•  Bonnie Wallace – JCAHO Standards and how they relate to infection control.

•  Kitty Bull – Overview of a Root Cause Analysis A), and Hand Hygiene.

•  Many thanks to all our presenters.


  On September 10, 2004 the Greater New Orleans and River Region APIC Chapters held their annual joint seminar at the Kenner Regional Medical Center in Kenner, La.

•  Dr. William Rutala of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine (Chapel Hill) and UNC Health Care System was the expert speaker for the seminar.  He discussed the basic principle to ensure proper sterilization and disinfection, the new CDC guidelines, new technologies and current issues, Creutzfeldt-Jakob and other prion diseases, and anagement of endoscopes. 

•  Dr. Rutala's lectures were interesting, well presented and easy to understand.  

•  We would like to thank all our members who assisted in the planning and hosting of this conference. We would also like to extend a word of thanks to our corporate sponsors.



•  Janet Broussard, Bylaws Chairperson pointed out several items in the National Bylaws that were not in agreement with our current practice such as Chapter Board membership, and time commitment for officers and board members.

•  Janet has agreed to review the bylaws and determine which can be changed for our chapter to match our current practices.

•  Janet will provide an update at our January meeting.



•  The meetings will continue to be held on the third Friday of every other month beginning in January.

•  All meetings will begin at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise indicated.

•  Locations for meetings will continue to alternate to provide access to meetings for members in outlying areas.

•  Meeting dates and locations will be posted on the website for reference. If you cannot access the website, please contact Connie DeLeo for a copy of the meeting information.


January 21  -   Landry's in Henderson  

   Round Table Discussion

March 18 -  Lake Charles    

   JCAHO Standards

May 20 -  Lafayette area   

    To be announced

July 15  -   Lafayette area  


September 16 - Baton Rouge

     Antibiotic Resistance

November 18  -  Lafayette area  

     Office of Public Health


•  If you have any ideas for a meeting place for the Lafayette area, please contact Dixie Fontenot with information. Specifications for a meeting place include a separate meeting room and lunch served with separate checks available.



•  This service is provided by our chapter and is available on the chapter website.

•  We need your help with to ensure the success of the list serve. When you receive a question via e-mail, please respond to the question if you have an answer. This is the only way to populate with list serve. Please don't wait for others to respond.



•  The specifics are still under discussion. It has been suggested that we co-sponsor an educational conference with AORN. Members of our chapter board are investigating this and an update will be provided at the January meeting.

•  The New Orleans chapter will also be contacted for their plans for 2005.



•  The chapter website can be accessed at www.riverregion.org . All chapter information including a copy of this newsletter will be available on this website.

•  If you do not have access to this website and need hard copy information, you must contact Connie DeLeo at 225-387-7852.

•  Chapter dues WILL NOT be increased for 2005!!!!!