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August 17, 2005

We have designated areas for our specimens which is not at the nurses station.  Drinks are allowed at the nurses station.

Jo Blankenship

[email protected]

February 2, 2006

Q:  Do you have a policy regarding mandatory physician tuberculin skin testing? If you do and are willing to share, please respond with the policy as an attachment.
Connie DeLeo
Infection Control Coordinator
Baton Rouge General

 I do not have a separate policy, but the requirement of TB screening of physicians is addressed in our Hospital's Bylaws. It is tied into their credentialing process and the documentation of TB screening is sent to the Medical Staff coordinator to include with all of the other documentation needed for their credentialing / re-credentialing application.

Janet Broussard, RN, CIC
Infection Control / Employee Health Coord
Women's and Children's Hospital
Lafayette, LA 70508

January 4, 2006

Q: I'm completing the 6 page risk assessment (in the new guidelines) for my facility and everything is coming up as low risk, which we have always been.  According to the Dec 30 guidelines, low risk facilities only have to complete a 2 step baseline PPD and then no annual testing-only testing if exposure has occurred.

Is anyone else falling into this same category and what are their plans?  I am looking at eliminating some of my annual testing on certain departments.  I'd like to know what others think?

Susan B. Waguespack, RN BSN CIC

Infection Control/Employee Health Coordinator

St. Elizabeth Hospital

Gonzales, LA 70737

A1: Per our phone discussion, according to past DHH regs you had to perform annual tb skin test regardless of your risks…hopefully this has changed. I’ll look into the DHH regs to see if they

have changed and let you know what I find out and if you find anything out let me

Susie Edler, RN, BSN
Director of Clinical Operations
St. Luke's Surgicenter
Hammond, LA 70403
E-mail: [email protected]
Hi everybody...

A2: Happy New Year to all, in response to Susan's question about TB skin testing frequency, it does not matter what risk your facility is - the La. DHH Sanitation Code (Chp 2 (The Control of Disease) Dec 20th, 1992 and the amendments ( Dec 20, 1994) provide the regulations that we have to comply by since that is the strictest requirement) - 2:022 - the regulations require that direct care workers at any facility licensed by DHH has to be free from TB in the commuicable state as evidenced by a neg PPD test or neg Chest X-ray; or if the person has a positive skin test - a statement from a licensed physician stating they are free of communicable disease.

2:024 - states that for the above to stay employed - they have to be retested annually ( if they had a neg skin test); for those that have a previously positive test - they have to present a statement from a licensed La physician - as stated in the above information - annually.

One great thing about the new recommendations is that the CDC is recommending TB testing for the physicians - there is a God..


Q:  Do you have a pneumococcal vaccine screening form that you would be willing to share?
Connie DeLeo
Infection Control Coordinator
Baton Rouge General
[email protected]

A1: This is what we currently use for influenza and pneumococcal assessments at Heart Hospital of Lafayette. Pneumonia Flu Vaccination Assessment
Kitty R. Howard, RN
Clinical Services Coordinator
Heart Hospital of Lafayette
Lafayette, Louisiana
[email protected]
A2 From Laurie Manuel

Pneumonia.Flu Vaccination Assessment Form HHL Revised

[email protected]

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